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Dolphin letters from John Carcioppolo RMCM(SS) USN/Ret
Webmaster note:   The following copies of letters are not poems about submarines. Nor are they profound commentary or quotations by famous submarine officers. They do however provide a window into the submarine force's view about OUR DOLPHINS and why they are held in such a special place in the minds and hearts of every US Navy sailor who ever "got his fish".  Submarine Dolphins --- NOT just another uniform "warfare" pin.

May 12, 2002

Well this Submarine World is a very small world.

An old shipmate of mine, LCDR Bob Meyers, sent me an email today that told of our Shipmate Dean Adams getting his dolphins. You see Bob used to be an MM1(SS) onboard ARCHERFISH with me. He got his commission and is presently on the staff of COMSUBLANT.

As it turns out he was riding the San Fran when Dean Adams got his dolphins. The neat thing is that Dean got my dolphins (the ones) that my CO on ARCHERFISH gave me, and my old shipmate from ARCHERFISH was there to see them passed along.

John Carcioppolo


  • From Bob Meyers to Gumba
  • From Gumba to the COB of USS SAN FRANCISCO
  • Letter from Gumba to the San Francisco CO to be passed to Dean

  •        The letter that the CO read to Dean when he received his dolphins.

    A retired boat skipper congrats the new "Brother of The 'Phin"

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    The Submarine Dolphins ARE NOT just another 'warfare" pin.

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    The Submarine Dolphins ARE NOT just another 'warfare" pin.

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    The Submarine Dolphins ARE NOT just another 'warfare" pin.