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Dolphins on the 7th of December
By Tom McNulty
December 06, 1999

Somewhere in the North Atlantic on my second patrol aboard the USS PATRICK HENRY SSBN-599 (Blue). I was awarded my Silver Dolphins by Lt. Davey Jones.   (Yes, his real name)

The Dolphin ceremony was intentional on 7 December as Lt Jones wanted me to remember not only the date of my first Dolphins but to remember all those who sacrificed so much those 23 years earlier. It was also to make a point that our purpose in being there was to prevent war.

It's a wonder how we forget some things and remember others. Yes, Jim Sullivan, I did find the shut off valve to the shaft seal. (Thanks) J.E.B. Stuart, Craig Ehlers, and Curtis Breaux for taking my watches and letting me sleep in that one time. And thanks to the rest of the crew on the 599 who made qualifying such a grand experience.

Sid Note:
USS PATRICK HENRY SSBN-599 was one of the original 41-For-Freedom "boomers" .
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