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Preserve the Integrity of the Submarine Silver Enlisted Dolphins
This is a Repository of Images, Links, Opinions and Info pertaining to the issue of awarding the ENLISTED SILVER DOLPHINS to "non-enlisted/non-ship's company" personnel.
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Midshipmen Summer Training Prog 
1552.16A241 20 MAY, 1992
Minimum Enlisted Requirements
for Qualification in Submarines
LETTER From Vice Admiral Mies To Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana
The information at  the links shown immediately above were posted on 16 Feb. 1998
This has now been superseded by the CSL/CSP link shown below.
25 September 1999
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This issue in particular deals with the awarding of Enlisted Silver Dolphins to Midshipmen: both Naval Academy and NROTC. Although the reports are that "not many" have been given to, in the view of many Submarine Veterans is too many.

We who disagree with this practice have feelings on this matter that are strong. We are adamant that regardless of the arguments put forth to the contrary, the bottom line is that the SILVER SUBMARINE DOLPHINS are for ENLISTED SUBMARINE SAILORS ONLY!

Further, We who oppose the awarding of our Silver Dolphins to Midshipmen are NOT in any way blaming our Midshipmen . The responsibility for establishing clear and unambiguous policies lies elsewhere...AND THAT IS WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT.

This page is NOT an official US Navy site. Nor is it affiliated with any Veterans organizations. It is mine alone. As such I exercise the right to include or exclude any material that is contributed either pro or con. I may include selected legitimate and thoughtful arguments that express opinions that "see no harm" in the awarding of Silver Dolphins to Midshipmen or other non-enlisted personnel. 

I of course am biased and do not accept as valid any view that it is ever OK to award Silver Dolphins to on-enlisted/non-ship's company under any circumstances. Nor will I ever. ~~~~~ S. Harrison 25 Sept. 1999

    For now, we who have been embroiled in this issue consider it resolved by the June 1998 CSL/CSP Instruction (see above). However we will remain alert to any "creative interpretations or bending of the rules" that allow our SILVER DOLPHINS to once again be used as recruitment tools or gimmee prizes.
 Our DOLPHINS ARE NOT chest candy or just another "warfare pin".
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A suggested Mid Award for Midshipmen who successfully complete their
submarine training goals during a cruise. Just an idea. Got a better one?
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