Subj: Your Dolphins

Date: 5/12/02 8:54:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Robert Meyer)



You'll be happy to know that I observed your dolphins being awarded to one of the SAN FRANCISCO's crew members last week while the ship was operating for the first time in two years at Design Test Depth.

Of course, I forgot to write down the individual who got them (you know who it was anyway). I thought it was a very touching ceremony.

The CO awarded three sets up at the Conn. He started things off by reading a Medal of Honor citation awarded to a Submarine CO in WWII and ended the ceremony by reading your letter. He remarked how special your gesture was and how it showed continuity through the years with people who serve in the submarine service.

For myself, I thought it was interesting that I was there to watch dolphins going from you (you were probably at my pinning-on ceremony) to someone else almost 22 years.

This was my last trip since I will retiring in August. I was onboard as the SUBLANT Material Rep certifying the ship following her overhaul.

I hope all is going well and I thank you for the really appropriate gesture to the future of our community. Hope your retirement is going well.


LCDR Bob Meyer

A.K.A. The Dancing Bear.