February 26, 2002

Chief of the Boat
FPO 09587-2391

Dear COB,

I know that you are very busy, but I'd like to ask a few minutes of your time for a matter that is very important to me.

My name is John Carcioppolo. I am a retired Submariner of 22 years service. I served onboard USS ARCHERFISH (SSN 678), USS BILLFISH (SSN 676) and Chief of the Boat of USS DALLAS (SSN 700).

At present I am the Base Commander for U.S. SUBMARINE VETERANS Inc. Groton Base.

The purpose of this letter is to discuss ETSN Dean Adams, and his pending Qualification in Submarines. Over a year ago, Dean's path and mine crossed. He was in the Silver Dolphins (Note) at Naval Submarine School and was participating in one of our events.

I kind of grew a liking for this young man. I was impressed by his intelligence, his motivation, and his aspirations. So I basically adopted him. I have stayed in contact with him through Submarine School till the present where he is presently serving on your Submarine.

I understand from a recent conversation with Dean that he is not too far away from his qualification in Submarines.

I have enclosed my Submarine Dolphins that were presented to me by Captain Sibley L. Ward III when I qualified in Submarines aboard USS ARCHERFISH (SSN 678) on 26 July 1976. They were engraved with this information on the back side.

It would mean a lot to me, and I know to Seaman Adams if he were to receive these Silver Dolphins upon completion of his qualification in Submarines. I have also provided a membership card for U.S. SUBMARINE VETERANS that may also be presented to him at the same time.

It would also mean a lot to me, if you or the CO were to read the attached letter at his Dolphin presentation, and possibly provide me with a picture.

Thank you COB for your time and efforts in this manner.

Smooth Sailing

John J. Carcioppolo RMCM(SS), USN, (Ret.)

Webmaster Note:
The "Silver Dolphins" is a color guard, precision rifle and flag drill team made up entirely of Submarine School Sailor students. They were formed in 1989 and participate annually in some two hundred events throughout New England and the Northeast, including holiday parades, ship christenings and local community patriotic observances.