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Hail last night with a cold rain this Sunday morning in late October of 2014
Morning rain on the window here at headquarters.
Hot mug of coffee and my clicking finger at the ready, I go on the net.     Decided it is a good morning for wandering the internet side roads.        You know, those links you ordinarily pass by that are found on the side of your favorite websites.   Those you seldom click.   So here is my Sunday morning side trip down the internet highway off-ramp.
2015 brought some unexpected changes to our sweet spot.
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 where I found a poem that seems to fit  the season here at HQ >>

Hill behind headquarters
Looking towards Canada
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Autumn and Jack

I've heard in the winds
whispers that Autumn,
is leaving us soon..
I found her leaves
laying  gracefully
across the country road.
Like making a dare
For me to cross the line
and disturb them.
Jack frost has been,
courting her nightly now.
Bringing her beautiful diamonds
on early morning trays
of trailing  light.
They dance beneath sunsets
and slow moving fog..
His icy hands touch
places that summer
has yet to let go..
Jack loves her you know…
But I've been watching
(Each day she is  fading. )
her colors seem to be
losing their bright
youthful attire..
Autumns last days
are here.
She's saying

Nov.7th 2008, connetta Jean

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