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For those who don't know New York State... North of I-90... its pretty damn good.
Northern view from the hill... only 40 miles to the Canadian border

10 Feb. 2011 A snowy morning in Colton, NY    Click thumbnails   Back button to return here
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Some LINKS:  What's not to love about the North Country?
October 2014 Taking the off ramp

Links from  NorthCountryNow
Big pike in St. Lawrence County   //   Dog racing in Massena   //   First fish in Colton
Here is an excellent photo slide show
And in the summer  >>>  North Country kids at play  [ A YouTube video ]

From the deer hunters >>>  Deer Of The Day  via

Finally:  from Watertown Daily Times  >>> The promised prosperity of I-98 is illusory
We don't want no stinkin' interstate.


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