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Some snapshots from Colton , NY on a
sunny, snowy 20th of December 2008
aka Old people with a digital camera just out wandering around
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01.jpg View from the East porch - Ready to plow
02.jpg From the wood pile. Looking NE to Wildwood Road
03.jpg 120 winters on this old house.
04.jpg When the kids were home the driveway provided good sledding.
Westerly wind drifts can be five feet deep if not plowed frequently.
05.jpg O'Malley Brook meanders across our place. It has trout too.
06.jpg Looking SW to the house. Linda's Christmas present (new snowplow)
07.jpg NW view across the Raquette River to another part of Colton. 
08.jpg Shifting view a little to the right. Back of the townhall (brick) on the 
far side of the Raquette. Finish Line Bar is perched on the island.
09.jpg Wood smoke evident from Finish Line Bar at edge of bridge
across the Raquette river. Looking West
10.jpg View from the same bridge. Shifting right and looking North down river.
The hydro dam falls in distance on left.  Colton Fire House on right.
11.jpg Finish Line Bar on left. Colton Town Hall on right.
12.jpg Now looking East. Same bridge. Same stuff. Broader view. 
13.jpg Looking North: the Colton Zion Episcopal Church.
(For all who are not at the Finish Line Bar.)
14.jpg On Rt.56 in Colton:  Mr. Bruce Ames pumping gas and some kid with
a snowmobile at Ames' General Store (Now White's store ... yr. 2014)
15.jpg Rt. 56 South - entering South Colton - just past Sunday Rock.
16.jpg In South Colton. At intersect of Windmill Rd and Rt.56. Looking North.
17.jpg Same spot - south view. Boyce's General Store on the left.
Another bridge crossing of Raquette River.
18.jpg Our neighbor's house. An octagonal house In a beautiful wooded sitting.
She travels in the winter.
19.jpg A friend's camp on the bank of the Higley Flow (History)

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