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Remembering Bob || Colton, 20 Dec. 2008
A Winter Afternoon
It's afternoon.
Eight days until Christmas.
It snowed last night.
I hear the snowplow.
I raise the shade and look out the guest room window.
The driver positions the massive truck.
He's ready to make the final pass of the day up the steep hill opposite our driveway.
The backup signal stops beeping.
I'm waiting for the wingman to drop the plow, now raised at salute.
They're off.
The plow drops.
The driver accelerates.
Up, up, up the hill they go.
Now, just what I've paused to see; the snow sprays above the wing.
It cascades like a waterfall beyond the wall of snow curled at the edge of the road.
The truck tops the hill and moves out of sight.
A winter memory to ponder as I take down the old lace curtains to wash.
Eight days until Christmas.
Linda Kay Harrison
Monday, December 18, 2000
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