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All Gave Some.     Some Gave All.
Rememberering those who have served:   Americans all -  who have paid a
high price - or paid the ultimate price   ...Just To Keep the Lights On.
This collection is about rememembrance.

Arlington National Cemetery - May 27, 2007
Once long ago my daughter asked me, "What did you do during 
the Vietnam War?"    I did some thinking about this.
And as a Submariner during that time, here is what I came up with:
Sometimes on stormy nights when the power flickers,
I think of men I don't even know working out-there.
Somewhere in the darkness.
Going about the business of keeping the lights on.
What did I do in the Vietnam war?
I was just punching holes in the ocean.
Somewhere in the darkness.  Helping keep the lights on.
......(2000)     Sid Harrison ETCM(SS) USN/Ret
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and poems. Including  musings about the loss of friends, of relatives, and individuals or groups 
who have served their fellow Americans in some capacity.
Some writings are NOT about a specific individual or group but instead reflect a
particular (and often familiar) tone of loss and remembrance.
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OnLine Tributes to those Remembered
Robert (DEX) Armstrong TMSN(SS)    8 July 2014 Local
RON "Warshot" SMITH TM/2c(SS)
SubVet of WWII    via  Submarine (Tributes)
  >>>  (More)  Remembering Ron Smith   Images and writings by and about Ron Smith Local
JOHN WYNN  ST1(SS)  12 May 2012 Local
DENNIS C. KNAPP MM3(SS)    USS Scorpion SSN-589   22 May 1968 External
JAMES F. PHILLIPPI SOS2(SS)      USS Thresher SSN-593    10 April 1963 Local
GALE HERBERT FELVER and LARRY EUGENE YODER     Vietnam 1966/1967 Local
JAMES DELOS PARKS MM/2c      USS Langley CV-1   12 April 1942 External
JACK LUNTSFORD MMC(SS)     Vietnam    1 July 1969 Local
TERRY NELON    Normandy      6 June 1944 Local
JAMES E. WILLIAMS BMC USN(Ret)   Medal of Honor - Vietnam    13 October 1999 Local
WILLIAM ARTHUR HARRISON    //     UDT-14 WW-II     //   17 February 1994. Local
ROBERT LEE HARRISON     3 July 2001 Local
Brave Hearts - the Story of GLENN ROJOHN Local
CHIEF RAY BLOOMER       by Mike Hemming Local
Remembering  Joe Adrian    by Paul Roggeman    Memorial Day 2003 Local
Selected writings about remembering
Sea Fever  by John Masefield  Local
We Will Remember Them Local
For The Fallen   by Laurence Binyon Local
Crossing The Bar  by Alfred, Lord Tennyson Local
Lost Harbor   by Leslie Nelson Jennings Local
Bright Harbor   by Daniel Whitehead Hickey Local
New Duty Station    by Mike Hemming Local
JUST A COMMON SOLDIER (A Soldier Died Today)
by A. Lawrence Vaincourt
by Beverly Cole Haire
In Time    by Major Michael Davis O'Donnell
1 Jan 1970 DakTo, Vietnam
In Flanders Field  by Lt. Col. John McCrae Local
Sailor's Prayer  by Robert L. Harrison Local
Stones Of Gray    by   Cdr. Ed Bookhardt   USN/Ret Local
Amazing Grace  by Reverend John Newton (1725-1807) Local
"Oh rest your oars and let me drift"  by Sarah Orne Jewett Local
Mortality    Abraham Lincoln's Favorite Poem External
Copied from The Atlanta  Journal-Constitution
Literary Works For The Wall
via The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall
Still The Noblest Calling  by J.D. Wetterling Local
From The Other Side  by Patrick Camunes Local
Just Another Memorial Day
by Thomas D. Segel Master Gunnery Sergeant USMC/Ret
A Memorial Day Essay    by Bob McManus Local
I Went Fishing Today    by John Bay Local
Dolphins on the 7th of December         by Tom McNulty Local
Sea Devil's Farewell    by Pat Householder Local
A Submariner Remembers His Grandfather  by Danny Butler Local
On the Occasion of the NARWHAL Decommissioning
by Alan Donn
THE PASSING OF THE JIMMY K.     by Tom Conlon ? JDawg Local
DIVER DALE's 1970 CHRISTMAS JOURNEY     by Dale Worley Local