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What is Worth While
by Anna Robertson Brown Linsay from her book

Drop Encumbrances
Drop Pretense,
Eternity is not for shams
Drop Worry
Worry is spiritual nearsightedness, a fumbling way of looking at little things, and magnifying their value
Let go of Discontent
Make a heroic life out of whatever is set before us
Let go of Self Seeking
In the eternal life there is no greed.
One hears of neither mine nor thine. All things are for all

1. Be wise in the use of time.
The question of life is not how much time have we? The question is what shall we do with it?
2. Value work.
But not any kind of work. Ask yourself: Is the work vital, strengthening my own character, or inspiring others, or helping the world?
3. Seek happiness each day.
If you are not happy today, you will never be happy. Strive to be patient, unselfish, purposeful, strong, eager and work mightily. If you do these things with a grateful heart, you will be happy - at least as happy as it is given man to be on earth.
4. Cherish love.
True love never nags; it trusts. Love does not have to be tethered, either in time or eternity.
5. Keep ambition in check.
There is the greatest danger of substituting intellectual ambition for ordinary human affections. Let us keep it in bounds; let us see to it that it holds a just proportion in our lives.
6. Embrace friendship.
It takes a great soul to be a true friend. One must forgive much, forget much, forbear much.
7. Do not fear sorrow.
Disappointment in life is inevitable. Pain is the common lot. Sorrow is not given to us alone that we may mourn. It is given us that, having felt, suffered, wept, we may be able to understand, love, bless.
8. Cherish faith.
Strong serene, unquenchable faith in the loving kindness of GOD will enable us to look fearlessly toward the end of the temporal existence and the beginning of the eternal, and will make it possible for us to live our lives effectively, grandly.