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July 25, 2000 - Posted on a Submariner BBS by Bob Harrison

"I just had a half hour of sheer enjoyment and all I had to do was to talk with new friends that I didn't even know existed until just a short time ago and still wouldn't know it if it weren't for the internet. We shot the breeze and it was pure fun.

Their names? Bob Garlock and Dex Armstrong. Two fine gentlemen and real men. Both veterans. One from the Air Force, the other from the Submarine Force. But I don't hold that against either of them. Anyhow, we talked of the old days and how much they were different than today and the conclusion was, we're not sure why the differences but somewhere along the way we lost a lot.

So, after we hung up, I decided to post another little poem of mine that I hope you will enjoy. Maybe, Dex and Bob, it gives some insight into what we were trying to say."

Bob Harrison July 25, 2000

I remember playing baseball in the summers long ago,
I remember winter's coasting on the slopes that I loved so,
I remember playing "slips" all night and a game called "one-eyed cat",
But if you ask about the bad times, I can't remember that!
I remember nights on our front porch when summer cast its spell,
We had no cares nor worries then `cause everyone was well.
And Dad would tell us stories of his long-gone days of youth.
Sometimes we'd have to wonder if he was playing with the truth!
But now I know that when he told the stories of his past,
He told of all the good times; the bad times just don't last!
I`m like my Dad, I guess, I like to dream of then,
To reminisce, and wipe a tear; those days will never come again.
It`s mighty strange how people like to dream of days gone by,
And talk of all the good things then; or do our memories lie?
Just think of this, our kids right now, in twenty years or more,
Will be telling of the "times back then" and the happy days of yore!
For it`s simple human nature to think our youthful days were best,
To know nothing about mortgages, nor bills, nor all the rest
Of life`s many trials and tribulations that take away the joy
Of living life from day to day, just a happy, carefree boy!
MAY 10, 1986