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Hepburn Library of Colton, New York
One of seven public libraries funded by Colton native, A. Barton Hepburn, the Hepburn Library of Colton is easily identified when approaching the town by its beautiful stone exterior.
Library Director, Dennis Eickhoff, assisting library patron.
Once inside, that beauty surrounds the visitor.

The library, constructed in 1912, began serving the public in 1913. Library director and local historian, Dennis Eickhoff, enthusiastically shares his wealth of knowledge about the library, its history and its many resources.

The building displays gorgeous woodwork that follows a similar design throughout. The chairs in the children‘s room are miniatures of the adult seating; the pattern in the table legs matches the window frames, mantels and columns. This creates a very balanced, pleasing environment. In recent years, the building has undergone major renovations including the expansion of library resources to the basement level, the creation of a YA section, the installation of an elevator and the removal of a dropped ceiling in favor of an arched ceiling with attractive lighting in the center portion of the library.

The library helps to preserve the history of the region. The oldest known map of Colton, created in 1820, hangs on a wall near the circulation desk. The St. Lawrence Valley Genealogical Society houses their collection there. Yearbooks and scrapbooks for each class year at Colton-Pierrepont High School are available in the reference section. Alumni cards are maintained to assist those researching local graduates. 

The library welcomes everyone and has allocated space and resources to attract every age group. As one patron  put it, "This library is always so welcoming. Dennis does a beautiful job.“ 
He does and it shows.

Main floor of library as viewed from children's room
including portions of recently renovated arched cieling.
Impressive fireplace with mantel highlights
antique clock and exquisite woodwork that is
seen throughout the entire building.
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Sid Note  (2008)


The images and text on this page were extracted from a PDF newsletter that is promulgated by the North Country Library System. I thought it was very well done and didn't want it to fall into the black hole of cyberspace. (Internet rule of thumb: If its good - you better grab it now on your computer because tomorrow it could be gone.)

In my opinion Colton is as close to heaven as one can get without the inconvenient formality of dying.  And the Colton Library - along with the fine people of the region plus the sheer beauty of "the North Country" provides an everyday re-affirmation of that fact.

Everyone looks for that "sweet spot" in life. This is mine. Hope you find yours.

That aside... now
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Children‘s room features jungle theme and includes 
seat cushions, murals, and a quilt made by local volunteers 
Adult computer area with a fern,  lemon tree, and 
a 100 year old tongue plant in corner.
YA Corner - local teens have  their own place at the library.
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