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Historical Images of Colton and South Colton (New York)
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More historical pictures of Colton HERE

Opening of Hepburn Library

Hepburn Library Under Construction

Hepburn Library 1914

Hepburn Library

1912 General Store

Henry Potter Home - 1907

Racquette River 1912

South Colton Iron Bridge

Bridge at South Colton 1909

J.N. Swift's Store, South Colton

Bathing - South Colton

General Store, Masonic Hall & PO

St Lawrence University's Ski Hill
Snow Bowl - 1958

ME Church Colton

Main Street - 1930s

Scenic View

Racquette River at Colton

Power House at Higley Falls Dam

Snell Power Plant

Above Higley Dam

Episcopal Church

South Colton Catholic Church

St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church Colton

Zion Church & Rectory 1912

Summer Camps
Above Higley Falls Dam Racquette River

Zion Episcopal Church

Sunday Rock

Logging - early 1900s

North Street Colton 1910

North Street - Socony Gas Station

Union Free School 1907

Union Free School 1908

Colton School

Primary and Intermediate Grades

Colton Pierrepont Central School

Racquette River Bridge South Colton

Main Street 1909

Post Office

Maple Street

Colton Hotel

Colton Bridge Over Racquette River

Main Street 1950s/60s

Racquette River South Colton Skyview

Racquette (Racket) River below Higley Falls

Snell Water Plant at Higley Falls 1908
Bertrand Hollis Snell was the proprietor
For more info, click HERE
Also, see Amherst Class 1894

Higley Falls Dam Power House
Who was Higley?   Jesse Colton Higley
was a pioneer in the area around 1824.

Higley Falls Dam From Above

Catholic Church

Zion Episcopal Church

Episcopal Church

1907 Episcopal Church

Baptist Church South Colton

St Paul's Catholic Church - South Colton


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