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1924, 1954, 2004 --- makes no difference.
After Battery Rats can be found most everywhere
even on an O-boat in 1924
After Battery Rats are always the same. Although modern nuke submarines have no place called the After Battery I bet the "rats" still exist. They are out there. I just know it.

Now that Dex has coined the phrase and I have had an opportunity to reflect upon it all a bit. I conclude that the whole deal has little to do with a particular place on a submarine, it's more or less a state-of-mind. Henceforth I label it as "After Battery Ratism" aka A.B.R. (Maybe it's one of those syndrome thingys. I dunno.)

As near as I can figure, to enter into a state of A.B.R. the minimum requirements are to be a sailor, to be young and be on a submarine. However, I suspect that A.B.R. can be found on many ships. I'll even betcha the Vikings and Phoenicians had A.B.R. too. Maybe all you need is to be young. After all -- it is a state-of-mind. Perhaps it's a Zen thing. But we won't go into that here.

Making this another entrant into the halls of NTINS came immediately to mind when I saw a posting on a submarine BBS that featured the following two images and Dex's short desertation about those two "Rats" lolling in the superstructure of a Submarine back in 1924. So I added some link stuff and messed around with it to kind of flesh it out you might say. Yeah, you might say that.   Enjoy.

Sid Harrison    11 SEPTEMBER 2000

(Note: If you are clueless as to who Dex is or what the hell I'm talking about. It really doesn't matter anyway. You'll figure it out sooner or later. Read on pilgrim. Go with the flow as they say in California... or someplace like that.       PS ... and if you do figure it out, that doesn't matter either)

After Battery Rats can be found most everywhere even on an O-boat in 1924

Images posted by a former USS ARCHERFISH sailor,
Kenneth C. Henry, ENCS(SS), USN, Ret. aka "Pig"

O-12, O-14, O-13, 0-15 in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. April 8, 1924. 

If you look real close at the outboard boat, the O-15, you will see a couple of After Battery Rats goofing off below the walking deck (in reference to one of Dex's stories about his Requin Daze). 

Dex Armstrong's illuminating commentary about the pictures follows.
Text embellished with appropriate links by Sid Harrison
    What we have here is a photo of two pioneers and masters of submarine goofing off. Only a past master of the art would recognize the subtle nuances that are giveaway details of their level of expertise. 

    First...the welders goggles...this is a stroke of genius...there isn't a JG ever made who wouldn't buy that one....Welders goggles...GREAT....I'll bet that sonuvabitch went into the Deck Force Hall of Fame on the first ballot.

    Note the other defender of the free world...check out the position...this denotes leadership by example...He must be the Leading Seaman...elevated foot, reclining position with command presence arm hang. Both gentlemen were a real credit to their profession....and their courage in posing for this photograph to establish a permanent historical record...means we can no longer call Adrian Stuke, The Father of Boatservice Goofing Off. 

    At this very moment the After Battery Committee to Perpetuate Unacceptable Conduct in Our Naval Undersea Forces, is convened and pondering the question of whether or not to build the 700ft goldplated statue of Adrian Stuke with the inscription..."Most irreverent and devious bastard ever to be named LEADING SEAMAN of a diesel boat" since this photo serves as evidence that the practice of saying "Screw the world !!" and going back to sleep in the superstructure appears to have had a well establihed tradition well before The SubRon Six Bandito was born. 

    This is amazing....Old Gringo and Warshot  (WW-II crewmember of USS SEAL) never told us about this... They told us that between helping old ladies cross the street and attending Sunday School and Church... they found that they had very little time for distracting activity unless it involved mercy insemination of distressed females. 

    Thanks Pig... once again you have raised our level of expectations and placed before us another important piece of boatservice history.

    DEX...Elected to the Deck Force Screw-Off Hall of Fame,1965 first ballot
    ....receiving 235 less votes than Adrian Stuke then thought to be the all-time master dope-off.

e-mail Dex Armstrong
e-mail Ken Henry

A short bio of "Pig" and how the images were obtained 

I'm part of the ARCHERFISH bunch. I was aboard from Key West until Guam and was a active part of the Goat on the Boat story on our web site. Also, I'm the one that started looking for the rest of them back in '94. I put out our 14-page newsletter 6 times a year and send out about 240 copies of each issue. Keeps me busy, but as you know anything to do with the smokeboats and their crews is a lot of fun. So far I have compiled over 600 pages of stories and 14 2-1/2" loose leaf binders full of photographs, newspaper articles, etc. from the 8 year period of "Operation Sea Scan", which was the period of the all-single crew.

I received the O-Boat photo several years ago (email attachment) from our XO on ARCHERFISH, LCDR David K. Dimmick. He had it given to him by a family member of some old guy that lived up his way.

When the old guy died, the family found the photo among his things and knew that David had been on submarines, so they thought Dimmick might like it. He still has the original. I told him awhile back that I was going to share it with friends and he said to do whatever I wanted.

He is the one that discovered the After Battery Rats goofing off and blew up that part of the original. You might also note the JG's that Dex speaks of are standing on the forward deck almost right over their heads and apparently oblivious to the fact that nothing is getting done in the superstructure.


17 October 2000

by Jerry Cornelison

I just received an e-mail from the XO's nephew Jim that David Dimmick, the first XO of USS ARCHERFISH AGSS-311 during the Operation SeaScan era passed away from a heart attack yesterday (Monday) evening.

The XO came aboard ARCHERFISH on March 8, 196O, as a LT and was immediately assigned Primary Duty as Executive Officer. On March 1, 1962 Lt Dimmick's Rank was changed to LCDR. The XO left ARCHERFISH in July 1962 for an assignment at BUWEPS.

The XO was quite a "camera bug" and thanks to him we have 100's of pictures of port calls visited during Phases I, II and the beginning of Phase III of Operation SeaScan from the Artic Circle and North Atlantic, thru the Panama Canal, and all over the Central, Western and South Pacific and Indian Ocean.

XO Dimmick was there, in New London, for the famous "Goat on the Boat" incident. In his own words, "I arrived at the boat and realized that we had a beast in one of the engine rooms. All of this was shortly prior to getting underway. A goat had sneaked onto the base by hiding itself in the trunk of a taxi full of our engineers. It was a very funny sight indeed but caused me a bit of stress. Stress is often caused when one wants to buckle over with laughter, but must as a duty, show sincere anger. It was particularly stressful for me as the XO when, as ordered, the engineers were forcing the goat to leave. There was a pair of arms stretched through the hatch from above and a couple of guys trying to push a goat upward with the goat's butt in somebody's face. None were happy about the situation, particularly the goat. As I said, I found it quite stressful and am still receiving therapy for goat trauma."

Happy memories are a wonderful way to remember Shipmates. I know our ARCHERFISH Shipmates who served with the XO will be especially saddend by this loss. Those of us, like myself, who knew the XO via our Reunions and via e-mail exchanges will miss him deeply also.

ARCHERFISH Crew and All Submariners, "Hand Salute!"

David K. Dimmick - Friend, Submariner, Shipmate - "Sailor Rest Your Oar".....