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Feb 2008 -  The following are some excerpts
copied  from the "old" 40 School St. website.

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40 School Street, Groton Ct
Home of the
Groton Base

The Bar
The building at 40 School Street was built roughly in 1895. It was originally owned by the Thames Lodge Corporation.

Shortly after 1900, the building was converted into the Groton Play House, and later the Groton Theatre. The stage still remains the same, and stored in the attic are the original opera chairs.

Afterwards, the building was used for many years as a meeting hall by by the Elks lodge.

In 1966 the members of SUBVETS Inc. Groton Base purchased 40 School Street for their club house through the foresight of Dominic "Joe" Negri. It was originally designated as the National Headquarters for the SUBVETS Organization, but this designation was removed in the mid 80s.

Over the years, "The Club" as it has affectionately been called has gone through some tough times, and good times. Through the perseverance over the years of shipmates like Joe Negri, Morgan Bailey, John Wagner, Gerry Tighe, Dave Shoaff, Chris Quijada and many others, the doors are still open, and it is better than ever.

The Club been remodeled, and refurbished several times. The downstairs area has been designated as "The Pump Room" and the area on the second deck is called the "Conning Tower".

Displayed in the club are plaques from over 500 Submarines, Submarine Support Commands, and Submarine Training Commands, and other Submarine Memorabilia. There is a wall that is dedicated to the men who were lost on USS THRESHER (SSN 593), and USS SCORPION (SSN 589), as well as to all of the Submariners who have received the Nations highest honor, The CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL of Honor: John Cromwell, Sam Dealy, Eugene Fluckey, Howard Gilmore, Richard O'Kane, Lawson P. "Red" Ramage, George Street, Henry Breault, and those who received the Medal of Honor in the rescue of USS SQUALUS.
After Joe Negri's death, "The Club" was renamed the Dominic "Joe" Negri Memorial Club in memory of Joe, who through his persistence and vigilance we are fortunate to have this building. In 1999 Shipmate Morgan Bailey purchased the sign which is displayed over the front door. Also in the Dining room there is a showcase with some of Joe's memorabilia.

Today, SUBVETS Groton Base is still the only Base in the organization that has its own club house. Groton Base is very fortunate, and grateful to Joe Negri for what we have today.

Pictures compliments of Shipmate John Wynn