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Submarine Skid Accessories
by Sid Harrison ETCM(SS) USN(Ret)    1997
Flash cover. Color green, with permanent odor and oily surface.

Raggedy, dirty, foul-weather jacket to wrap around dirty pillow.

Blanket with multiple stains of suspicious origins

Set of dress blues under pad. Also under pad are varied letters from: mom, girl, wife, buddy on another boat, hock shop, finance company (circle all that apply)

Bunk bag with busted zipper. Full of dirty clothes that make your eyes water.

Devron splattered pair of boondockers, cut down on sides. Placed under foot of pad for easy access.

Dog eared Navy issue little green Wheel-Book*** with misc qual info and pay calculations

*** The wheel book - Don't leave home without it.

Navy wheel book

Formerly white terry towel. Now permanent shade of gray

Optional: Flashlight held together with duct tape and varied and well worn skin books with good parts underlined (some missing pages)