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San Diego
by Sid Harrison ETCM(SS) USN(Ret)
(Written summer 1997)
Image courtesy of Ron Martini

The mention of tailoring uniforms and San Diego brings back a memory of a huge place that was called "The Seven Seas". As I recall, it never closed and took up about a city block on Broadway. You could go there at anytime, day or night, and get your uniform completely tailored, cleaned and pressed. Could get your shoes re-soled and have a complete meal. They would issue a pair of dungarees to you and you could play pool until they were done with your uniform. Those were the days when junior enlisted could not have civilian clothes on bases or ships so the "7-Seas" also had a very large locker club.

There used to be a standard smarta** comment the "more senior" E3s and E4s would lay on us about our "bell bottom" jumpers - we having just come from boot camp. So of course we beat feet to the old 7-Seas for some tightening up of the uniforms. Could get full zippers down each side of the jumper (and did) also those salty dragons and other embellishments under the cuffs. All that tailoring and $82/month too. We were livin' good.

A few blocks up the street was the Capital Theater (I think that's right) and behind that was a tattoo parlor called "Painless Nells". great name huh? Got an $8 eagle and a free cigar - made for one salty 18 year old.

Did some diving at La Jolla and made lots of runs down Baja. Used to hang out with a guy from Azuzu (LA) and four of us would go to Encinada. Spent a lot of good times at Rosarita beach. There used to be a DJ from Rosarita called "Okie Bob".

I also went to IC-A school there before being assigned to "Phib Pac".

A few months ago (in 1997) I had a business call with a fellow in San Diego and he said the old "7-Seas" was long gone. They should have made it a landmark.