Those Sailor Blues
Author unknown - from sometime in the 1950s

I've been in more ports than I can name
from the land of Japan to the land of Spain.
I've been on every kind of vessel that floats
from a battleship to a motorboat.
- I've got those Sailor blues!
I list to the starboard in a storm,
even the patches in my blues are getting worn.
I'm sick of eating with a thousand men
I'd give my left ball to eat alone again.
- Damn those Sailor Blues!
Over in Japan where I was happy and gay,
the Shore patrol came and took my liberty away.
I tried it through the gate with a fifth of gin
but those bastard MPs wouldn't let me in.
- Got those Sailor Blues
Well I'm fed up to here with water and salt,
But I guess everything was my own fault.
I realize now I shouldn't have signed,
those goddamed papers that made the Navy mine.
- Lord, those Sailor Blues
There'll come a day you wait and see,
there'll come a day when I'll be free,
There'll come a day when I'll be out,
and the whole Damned world will here me shout.
- No more! No more Sailor Blues