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Remembering one Diesel-Boat Christmas in Groton
by Sid Harrison ETCM(SS) USN(Ret)

We had finished an equalizer charge and the three of us walked up to the barracks from the lower base. After cleaning up we decided to go to the EM club. It was holiday leave time and the base was practically deserted. We ordered food and pitchers of beer and after a few this EM2 told us about a silly drinking game some guy had taught him. He said you repeated this saying as you drank and when it got all mixed up you lost. The last guy who could still recite it won. We were tired and figured this shouldn't take long. It didn't.

The odd thing is I never forgot it. Long years later after I was married I taught it to our children and now as adults they still remember the words. I never told them exactly how their dad learned it one snowy December night when he and his buds sat in an empty EM club in Groton. Guess I'll do that some day.

I didn't win - I don't think.

Not sure. 

I give it to you and you can teach it to your kids or grandkids:

OK now kids CLICK HERE and say it real fast!