Posted by I. E. Konstas
August 21, 2000

Dreamed last night
of an arctic, foggy shore
where I exhaled every right
to raise my last sea battle's score

I uttered a trembling sailor's prayer
who's trapped on the ocean floor
I feared, the tingeing of dawn
from my deck I'd gaze no more

Gladly the ancient ark I saw
sent by a divine dispatch
drifting from third heaven
to an arm's length of my hatch...
Posted by Robert
August 20, 2000

Black Water

The truth is at peace
in a cold dark deep
and it's not for us to know
the men of the Kursk
did battle the beast
and the beast did lay them low
we come from the sea
to her breast we return
In between we live, then die
remember, though
a dying wish
a final glimpse of the sky.


Farewell Men Of Kursk

Beneath the white-foamed seas
our brethren lay
amidst the dank wet grate and cold cold pipe.
‘Tis their final resting place
within this world --
so very very cold is life and death at sea.

O merciful God,
lay your hand upon their young heads
and gather them to your shores.
Embrace their families, their sweethearts
and shine among them evermore.

Hear us-Hear us O Lord
For they are our brethren
Enemy by war;
Brother by creed.

Our faces grim,
we bow our heads.

Hand Salute.

Men of Kursk

Amy Cole 8/21/00