by Jerry Brown IC1(SS) 1973-1976 USS PARCHE SSN-683
Bubble Heads are not the same
as others who sail the briny main.
Angles and dangles are what they craved,
while skimmers bobbed from wave to wave.
We spent our youth on fast attacks
with bug juice grape and coffee black.
We smoked our flicks and rigged for red,
and used a hot rack for a bed.
Mid rats, com rats, non-qual pukes,
A gang, O gang, E div. nukes.
Field days, ORSE boards, OPs PMs,
Steamers, buddies, shipmates, friends.
I remember all these things,
I spent my youth on submarines.
So if you ask me I will boast,
the men I knew stood out from most.
Volunteers who stood the test,
and wear the dolphins on their chest.
And though I'm old and getting gray,
I'm still as proud as hell to say.
Submariners are not the same,
as others who sail the briny main!