by: Robert H. Moore USN/Ret
Text on Submarine Memorial/East Memorial site, Groton CT

As the shipmates assemble,
The ceremony unfolds
They are here to pay tribute to men,
On eternal patrol
Having made that last dive,
Remembering them as they were then.

The flags are dipped
As the bell does toll
Lost boats are called by name.
With heads bowed low,
Each man praying alone,
Though silent
Their thoughts are the same.

"It could have been me"
Often times its been said
We were saddened to lose you
Good friend.
But we all knew too well
That war is hell and some lives
Had to come to an end.

We never forgot you
We always remember the good times
As well as the bad.
And this is the reason
We have built this wall,
A memorial stone
That you never had.

When at this memorial
We gather to pay honor & tribute
To you.
We can look at the wall
And see each name
In this resting place
Long overdue.