By John Chaffey SSN639, SSN687, SSBN619

To my dying day, I'll be proud to say,
That I sailed in the depths of the sea.
For you'll earn your keep, when you take her deep,
Where King Neptune waits for thee.

No haze gray, to pitch and sway,
And chum the ocean blue.
For surface ships, are just target blips,
When spied by a submarine crew.

Too young for fear, but not for beer,
We'd pull into Subic Bay.
And never tell, how much San Miguel,
You can drink on a sailors pay.

With bar fines paid and keels well laid,
You drink your last Red Horse.
There's work needs done, you've had your fun,
So sailor set your course.

At sea at night, the moon glows bright,
And your eyes play tricks with you.
And sailors drink a toast to a mermaid's ghost,
And their dreams they all come true.

I've heard the roar, of the ocean shore,
And wear these fish with pride.
For the many mates, who met their fate,
For freedoms price they died.