Author Unknown
The Devil set his mind to work
With vigor and with spleen
And so designed what men now call
The deep-sea submarine.

The Navy's best are found upon
The pigboats black and trim;
For men must be of sturdy stuff
To sink and still to swim.

The Battery aft is where they eat
(Because the roll is least)
While hanging on to keep in place,
Like some prehensile beast.

The C.O.C. is a little place
Just crammed with levers and with tools;
And on a dive, you may be sure,
It's not a place for fools.

You Wonder why they love the life
Aboard the old pigboat,
And why they'll stick it out as long
As there's a sub afloat?

They'll Answer up and tell you straight,
"There's THRILL in jobs like ours
"That beats them all, accept perhaps,
"A rocket trip to Mars."

As David slew the huge Goliath,
Just so, the pigboats fight.
They match their speed, stealth and skill
Against a dreadnaughts might.

A Force no man can estimate,
A power well nigh unseen,
A fighting ship without a peer......
Salute the submarine!