Author Unknown
The Sea Fox was lying to at latitude zero.
Today is the day to be heel or hero.
From the scope was flying the skull and crossbones,
aboard came King Neptune and old Davy Jones.
The doctor, the barber, the baby and queen:
The dentist, the Chaplain, the Sheriff so mean.
As court was convening they all had a jolt,
it looked for a minute like there'd be a revolt.
But the sheriff took over and got things in tow,
and in very short order they were ready to go.
The first through the line was our pollywog cap'n.
The others all wondered just how much would happen.
He went through the line with more than a spank,
but balked like a mule about walking the plank.
They went down the roster of all pollywogs,
and when they emerged they were salty sea dogs.
After hair cut, and pills, a kiss and a swim,
they all went below in need of a trim.
By sundown the barbers had finished their jobs
and the crew had a view of some horrible knobs.
The engine rooms sheared a whole bushel of hay
and even the wardroom had choice words to say.
By now it's all over, and men hit their sacks,
secure in the knowledge that now they're Shellbacks.