Naming The SSN-23
by Ron Martini (1)
8 March 1998
The following was posted on The Submariners' BBS in regard to a discussion about naming the new SSN-23 for one of our famous submariners.
Two names will forever live in the annals of submarine warfare and development. The first is Admiral Hyman Rickover for whom the SSN-709 is a fitting tribute as his namesake. Now it is time to recognize the other submariner. The one who said these words: 

"They were no supermen, nor were they endowed with any supernatural qualities of heroism.  They were merely topnotch American lads, well trained, well treated, well armed and provided with superb ships.  May God grant there will be no World War III;  but, if there is, whether it be fought with the weapons we know or with weapons whose type we can only guess, submarines and submariners will be in the thick of the combat, fighting with skill, determination and matchless daring for all of us and for our United States of American." 

"Scientific cooperation with our armed forces helped us to win the last war.  This latest contribution of science, the atomic-powered submarine, to which, as yet, there is no answer in the sea or in the sky, is, in itself, the answer to the prayer in the hearts of loyal, farseeing and God-fearing Americans who hope to guard the fragile peace of today with the weapons of tommorrow."

He now lies at rest next to Admirals Nimitz, Spruance and Turner in a small cemetery in San Bruno, CA.

My nominee and my HERO:  Admiral Charles A Lockwood 

Sent by Lockwood to all forces and submarines under his command at wars end:

"The long-awaited day has come and cease firing has been sounded. As Force Commander I desire to congratulate each and every offcier and man of the Submarine Force upon a job superbly well done.  My admiration for your daring, skill, initiative, determinatin and loyalty cannot be adequately expressed.  Whether you fought in enemy waters or whether you sweated at bases or in tenders you have all contributed to the end which has this day been achieved.  You have deserved the lasting peace which we all hope has been won for future generations. To our brothers in Subs Seventh Fleet, Subs British Fleet Pacific, Subs Royal Netherlands Navy and Sublant hearty thanks for cooperation and admiration for your deeds.  May God rest the gallant souls of those missing or presumed lost." (2)  
Image courtesy of Patrick Wayne Ellis