Photo courtesy of John Clear EMC(SS) USN(Ret) - Taken at Deterrent Park dedication at Bangor Sub Base - May 2001
by Bob Harrison   (February 4, 1999)

Toll the bell, you submariners, for your brethren of the deep 
Who went to sea so long ago and still their constant vigil keep. 
Tell the nation who they are and where they lie beneath the sea,
Keep the faith with those brave comrades who patrol eternally.

While you strive to save Cavalla and the Torsk in Baltimore 
Ever mindful of the sailors who will plumb the depths no more, 
Inform the world of all our losses and the sacrifices made
By the men who manned the warships and the awful price they paid.

Toll the bell for Shark and Grunion, gallant warriors of the sea,
Toll the bell for brave Pompano, Grenadier, and Tullibee.
Sing your praises for the Thresher, Grayling and the Amberjack,
And for all the men who perished, mothersí sons who wonít come back.

Toll your bell for Skate and Runner, Argonaut and Albacore, 
Tell the story of Robalo; she was lost in forty-four. 
Oft times we must be reminded to look deep within our souls
To proclaim to all the people for whom it is the death bell tolls.

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