by Robert L. Harrison October 18, 1997
    It takes a heap o’ learnin’ for a qualifyin’ gob   

    That’s the story I was told by one ol’ Navy COB 
    He sez you gotta learn to put a boat together 
    Then tear it down and fix it in most ever’ kinda weather.  

    There ain’t no rest or pleasure for a guy who’s NQP  
    And a lowly DINK is good as dead, or so the COB tells me. 
    You gotta get ten sigs a week, or maybe it is twenty, 
    I can’t recall just how it wuz but I know thet it wuz plenty. 

    You gotta learn ‘bout pressure air and when you got that done,  
    You answer questions by the score or is it by the ton? 
    If yore late in gettin’ sigs, you muster with the Chief 
    An’ he has DINKS for breakfast, he’s tough beyond belief. 

    Next you study ships control, electrical, an’ scopes,  
    Your situation’s critical, you’re almost outa hopes. 
    An’ don’t forget hydraulics, radar and’ sonar, too, 
    Propulsion next you gotta learn cause that’s whut turns the screw. 

    Emergency equipment, explain and demonstrate,  
    If you’re in port, you stay aboard, no time to celebrate. 
    Finally there comes a day when you stand to take your test 
    Before the board you prove to all that you’re the very best. 

    The Captain pins the fish on you, this is your crowning glory,  
    You’ve earned your Dolphins fair and square, 
    the end of one proud story, 
    Next mornin’, bright an’ early, you’re awakened with this quip, 

    “Come on, sailor, rise and shine, it’s time to learn the ship!