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The following images were scanned from a tour book of River Division 554. The book was loaned to me by another shipmate from the USS ALEXANDER HAMILTON SSBN-617(G):   Fred "Whitey" Kutzleb.

We had all been shipmates in HAMILTON in the 1960's prior to Whitey and Jack going to RivDiv 554.Thank you Whitey for the help...

Sid Harrison ETCM(SS) USN(Ret)

 RIVER DIVISION 554 - VIETNAM -1968/1969

Chief Luntsford displays AK-47 rifles... captured from
Viet Cong soldiers during the Upper Saigon River Campaign

QMC J.L.Saunders   BMC J.K. Osman   ENS H.B. Holmes
QMC D.L. Melvin    MMC(SS) J.E. Luntsford