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Life in the fast lane --- NOT !
Colton, NY - 14 April 2008 (updated 2013)
Too bad retirement comes so late in life.
Just a litle bit of heaven in Northern New York.
Trying the new camera.

Pond is full and snow is still in the woods

Linda and our baby (Molly the dog)

Looking North (Only 35 miles to Canada)

Here, once upon a time we had chickens, hogs, sheep, a Jersey cow and lots of cats... oh, and two kids.
Now just two very relaxed old people, a dog and a truck.
37 years since retirement from the Navy - time sure slips away.
Kinda quiet.

In the beginning there was just the two of us.
There still is.

That song "Time in a bottle" comes to mind.
Sure would like to have a bottle and pop the cork and pour out a few more decades.

(Wouldn't we all?)