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Posted by Luke The Lid on Rontini's Submarine Forum January 17, 1998 at 17:37:56
In Reply to:  Swim Call Stories posted by Ron (ex USS Gudgeon) Durling on January 17, 1998 at 09:18:06:

We got back from a Barrier Mission around 1400 and as I had slept the last 6 hours coming in I wasn't tired. Upon squaring away my gear I put on my swim suit and jumped on my bicycle and pedaled to the swimming beach, swam to the raft, did a running dive and landed on a Portuguese Man-O-War. 

Altho there is no electricity involved, the poison shocked my nerves in that split second and I will swear I saw sparks (Maneuvering Room Style) and felt a jolt like 110V. Immediately I had a white welt 1" wide running from my upper left chest, around the left side of my neck and curving down my back in an arc (sorta like one of those tattoo's a drunken boat guy would get). I grabbed the jelly fish, popped his blue sac and flung him off me.

Then I swam to shore, pedaled to "Sick Bay" and a corpsman looked at it, hee'd and haw'd around for a while, then handed me a tube of 1944 Sunburn Ointment. He told me that if I woke up the next morning I would be OK. 

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