22 November 1963....Where were you?
by Cool Bob Berry

I was a sophmore in High School. I was in a shop class with the message came across over the intercom that the president had been shot. I spend the next couple of day at home watching on television the events unfold. It was a sad time for my family because this was one president we stood behind. I might add that 2 years later, at the age of 18, I bought the first book called, "The unanswered question on JFK's assassination". Have a large collection of books on the Conspiracy Theories, which I have read and studied since that time. I believe the United States would have been a different country if JFK would have lived.

by Ramon Samson

My crew and I were setting windows and doors at Bethany Home Apartments, didn't hear about it until we got back to the shop. Lena and I stayed up the rest of the night watching a 19" black and white picture. It was about the first time I could remember a TV station going 24hr's around the clock, even in a big city like Phoenix.

by Tony Del Santo

I will remember that day well. I,along with about 1000 other guys (and families and friends, ) was gathered in a huge Drill hall at the Great Lakes Recruit Training Center, ready to graduate from Boot Camp. After more than three months away from home, we were all ready to go. The Ceremony was delayed, and the word got passed around that we were waiting for the President to show up. How wrong that was! When we finally got the REAL word, there wasn't a dry eye in the place. After an abbreviated ceremony, we sang the Navy Hymn (a deeply moving experience)and then passed in review. Boy, did we look good, and all in step, too. Four days later we were all on our way home, and then on to our Navy careers (mine in the Silent Service) , but we never forgot that day, and I tell the story every November 22.

Ed (Tony) Del Santo ex MM3 (SS) A-Gang
USS LEWIS and CLARK SSBN-644 Plankowner

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