22 November 1963....Where were you?
by Ron Martini (Patrick Henry Blue)

My 3rd patrol-Location (I'd have to kill ya)-The boat got deathly quiet. No one spoke for an hour or two. I think some communications rules were broken so we could get more info on the wire. Fear and anxiety.

by Ron Smith, TM2/C-SS

I lived in Dallas. I had been down on Mockingbird Lane near Love Field calling on a business client. He asked me if I wanted to stay and see the presidents parade, it would go right in front of his place. I said "No, I'm going home to have lunch with my wife and get out of the traffic jam. The wife and I were eating lunch and watching the whole deal on TV. When the report came in about the shooting we thought 'Whoa. what now?'. I turned on all the radios in the house on and monitored everything. 

Later in the afternoon, after it was announced JFK was dead we stood by the sliding glass doors in the den where we could see the planes taking off from Love Field. There had been no air traffic since he was reported shot. Finally this lone plane, Air Force One, came up out of Love Field and slowly rose into the sky heading East. We watched it until it went out of sight, knowing that our dead president and our new president were on it. We were too shocked and stunned to really grasp what was happening. A little aside to show how paranoid people can get in a situation like this; at the time I was traveling a lot in my work, mostly by plane. Whenever I would sit next to someone and exchange "Where you froms?". When I said Dallas they would move away from me like I had Aids. 

Weird time.

by Gene D. Jackson TMC(SS)Ret

I was sitting topside by the after torpedo room hatch talking with shipmates about getting ready for underway on sub-school daily operations on the Cobbler SS344. It was a time of great sorrow.

by John Fredricks

I definitely know what I was doing on 22 Nov. I was asleep in my rack at college. My roommate came running into the room saying that the President had been shot. About six of us ran down to the T V room and started watching. College was let out at 1300 hours and we went to our car to make the drive south to Houston. Three of us were making the drive. One of the riders repeated the same the state that was made when President McKinley was shot in 1901."That Damn cowboy is now President." Also that night in Houston everything was closed out of respect. There was not a movie house, not a restaurant, and not even a bar opened. I will never forget that day.

by Mark Breece

I was still a 6th grader. The news hit me like a ton of bricks. Why would ANYONE want to kill the US President?

by Steve Day

I was in Nuke school in Bainbridge. Class let out shortly after the notification and we went back to the barracks to listen to the events on the radio. Since we were close to Washington, D.C., we followed the subsequent days activities very closely.

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