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This little gem definitely meets all criteria for NTINS.
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A proposal for the formation of ComSupMorF
by  J.T. McDaniel
Posted on Rontini's BBS             2 August 2008

ComSupMorF...       That's the Committee for the Suppression of Moronic Fads. The first target will be the illiterate twits who have decided that the hyphen is dead and are now putting periods in dates written as numbers, phone numbers, and anywhere else they can get away with it. 

The main reason I've heard is that this is "European," and therefore trendy and tres chic. 

Never mind that Europeans don't actually write phone numbers that way, or that the current mode has been in use ever since the area code was invented (Most correctly enclosing the area code in parenthesis), or that for the computer literate the first instinct upon seeing a phone number written 1.888.555.5555 is to try to type it into the adress bar of (his) web browser; as it's obviously an IP address missing a dot.

Next target:  once we've beaten these characters into submission, will be whatever other new fad is making life confusing for normal people.

And remember, European doesn't mean better. It's a known fact that the most intelligent Europeans all moved here in the 19th and early 20th Centuries, so does it really make sense to get your new ideas from the descendents of their less intelligent relatives?

The smartest ones, it might be noted, are still moving here.