Sid's N T I N S Locker
You Know You're a boatsailor if...
Contributed by Jim Fox ||
Posting date:   27 March 2002
From the USS SEADRAGON Alumni Assoc.
. You smell like diesel oil

You know what "Handle it" means

You can "handle it", even under pressure

You know what "Field day" means

You know what the goat locker is

You know Hogan

You have ever gotten Hogan's goat

You are not as screwed up as Hogan's goat

You have ever drank bug juice

You know what "Bermuda road rash" is

You have ever slept alongside a "fish"

You know what "hot bunking" means

You know what eating dehydrated cottage cheese tastes like

You know when your bunk feels like a sandy beach, it is time to change the sheets

You know Line Locker Louie

You know Lower Level Louie

You know who says, "Just one more, just one more"

You know that no one ever really owned a plank

You know when things have gotten out of hand

You know what a "My Wife" chit is

You speak acronym, fluently

You know what poppet valves are

You know that bulkhead flappers are not dancers

You know that an ORSE is not an English horse

You know that ping jockeys do not ride pings, or horses

You know what "Ho Ho Ho" means

You know what "Blow and go" means

You know what "going critical" means

You know what "Rig for dive" means

You will go down anytime

You know what a GREEN board is

You know what a straight board is

You know what a klaxson is

You know what "AOOOGAH AOOOGAH" means

Your house takes a down angle when someone blows a car horn twice

You know what "Dive Dive" means

You know what "Take her down" means

You know what "Blow negative to the mark" means

You still remember the shapes of those handles, even after the lights go out

You can still relate the shape to the tank, even after the light go out.

You know what "Rig for RED" means

You know what "Rig for silent running" means

You don't make any noise that a fish doesn't make

You know what "Rig for deep submergence" means

You do it deeper

You know what "Run silent, run deep" means

You have bored holes throughout the oceans, for months at a time

You have been to the choke point, several times

You found your belt getting shorter during a deployment

You would never commit a SINS

You know what a "familygram" is

You know what "No periscope" means in a birth announcement

You have seen a pack of camels being led through the control room

You have caused the evaluating psychiatrists to leave the boat ahead of schedule

Most people wouldn't trust you with a canoe or a rowboat, let alone a submarine

You know what "angles and dangles" mean

You know what a "chicken switch" is

You know that the Tunafish is NOT the chicken of the sea

You know what a horny (toad) towed array is

You know what "To the pole" means

You have ever heard of a retractable whip antenna being used as an ice probe

You know what "Get me up" means

You know how to "Follow the bubble"

You know that there are two kinds of ships, submarines and TARGETS

You are NOT assigned to a "target"

You have ever heard the words "What is the estimated range, sonar?"

You have ever heard the words "What is the distance to the track?"

You have ever looked out a periscope and seen nothing but a target's hull

You know what periscope liberty is

You know that periscope liberty generally includes a shower. Thank you Aux

You shoot at things you can't see

You know that a "snapshot" is not a photograph

You know what a "Hot run in the tube" means

You know what "Hot, straight and normal" means

You are among those who "Care enough to send the very best"

You have never left the barn doors open

You have spoken with Gertrude on occasion

You know how much maneuvering is done in the maneuvering room

You know what "going home turns" means

You know what "Prepare to snorkel" means

You know what "Commence snorkeling" means

You know what "Prepare to snorkel ventilate "means

You know what "Commence snorkel ventilating" means

You know what "Prepare to surface" means

You know what "Surface Surface Surface" means

You know what "Blow safety" means

You know what "Blow the forward group" means

You know what "Blow the after group" means

You know what "Normal blow" means

You know what "Prepare to surface without air" means

You know what "Commence a low pressure blow "means

After a deployment, your wife makes you leave your laundry outside

After a deployment, your wife makes you strip before you enter the house

After a deployment, you are undressed before you even get home

After a deployment, your wife makes YOU stay outside

After a deployment, your wife makes you...

You know what it means to be all caught up in 15 minutes


Your tombstone reads "Make my depth 6 feet"