Sid's N T I N S Locker

Sid Note:  In 1999, John Wynn had either posted this image on the Submarine BBS or had e-mailed it to me. I asked him for some background on it. Especially how those two guys stayed so neat.
John's Wynn's answer - July 1999

Yep, they were taken on the TENCH during a Sub Ice Exercise in March of 1960. We had been to Halifax and were now on our way back to NLON.

The guy on the left is Norm Porier (ET) and the guy on the right is "Suitcase" Simpson (RM)

The weather got progressively worse after these innocent shots were taken.... We ended up taking a 72 degree roll to starboard and quick thinking by the quartermaster, who ordered "Left Full Rudder" to shove the stern down and effectively "right" the boat, may well have saved us from a roll over!! As it was, we partially submerged after this because water flooded into the port ballast tanks from the bottom!!

There was a lot of damage and one guy had his legs broken from the bench lockers breaking away and trapping him against the AB ladder...

And, it just happened that these two guys were about the neatest guys on the boat!!