(042201) Image and text shown below was provided by Frank Toon, a World War Two veteran and a member of U.S. Submarine Veterans of WWII.  Frank scanned the image from the current issue of the SubVetsWWII magazine, POLARIS.  It is a reproduction of a published article from 1957.
U.S. SubVets of WW-II is the forerunner organization of USSVI.

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Image from 1957 U.S.SubVetsWWII article
For all you post-WWII submarine shipmates who may wonder when it all started, here are the founders of this great U.S.Submarine veterans' group, still alive and active. Congratulations Hugh and Ed for your foresight and all the work you've done in getting this veterans' organization off the ground.   Marty Schaffer (Redfin)