41 For Freedom

Some info from  COMSUBLANT
"The first strategic deterrent patrol by a Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine was made in November 1960 by the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON. The 3000th strategic deterrent patrol was made in April 1992 by USS TENNESSEE.

Fleet Ballistic Missile submarines have been deployed a cumulative total of 1024 ship-years since 1960. Submariners serving on Fleet Ballistic Missile submarines have acumulated nearly 90,000 man-years of submerged operations."

From CHINFO: The SSBN in NATIONAL SECURITY - Includes national security commentary and also excerpts of General Colin Powell's remarks upon the completion of the 3000th FBM submarine patrol by the USS TENNESSEE.

25 June 1999 - Many thanks to Hugh Smith for ferreting out the following updated FBM statistics.
Hugh obtained them from:
Ms Judy Hallmark Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) Public Affairs Officer SP-20022 -  (703) 607-0723
POLARIS 1245 Patrols
C-3 1182 Patrols
C-4 BACKFIT 397 Patrols
41 For Freedom total  2824 Patrols 
TRIDENT I 387 Patrols
TRIDENT II 186 Patrols
Trident total  573 Patrols 
Grand total 3397 Patrols
Assuming 65 days per Patrol, that is 604.9 YEARS of Patrol
[ These stats are current as of 3 May 1999 ]