Posted by Midn 2/C (former MM2/SS) Ted Essenfeld on October 30, 1997

In Reply to: Meaningless Dolphins-Navy Times posted by Mark B. Hertensteiner, MIDN 1/C, USNR on October 29, 1997

While I respect the hard work and dedication you put forth during your summer cruise, I still do not believe that midshipman should have the right to wear an enlisted warfare insignia. Even if you went without sleep, without meals, didn't s**t, shower, or shave, didn't stand watch, or perform maintenance, there is no way in the world you could satisfactorily complete the entire qual card in four weeks.

The fact that you weren't issued a qual standard further illustrates the point of how messed up this is. Would you have felt any less proud of your new knowledge if you had gotten a letter of commendation and no dolphins? The silver dolphins are the sign of an enlisted submarine warrior.

You are not enlisted and you are not a submarine warrior......yet? There are no four-week-wonders in the submarine fleet. The enlisted personnel who awarded you your dolphins have done a grave injustice to you, themselves, the submarine community, and the navy. I don't fault you for pursuing this award since it was offered to you, the fact is, it never should have been an option. Good luck to you in the future. I hope you are as successful in all your pursuits.