The Silver Dolphin Issue
Point of View No. 009
Posted by Myron Howard on November 22, 1997

Got the following e-mail from a submarine force officer who sees it our way. This is posted with his permission.


From: "Greg Greseth"

Subject: Just a comment on your PISSED page

Date sent: Wed, 19 Nov 1997

I was just bouncing about the Web when I ran across your page. I am a submarine officer currently at the Naval Postgraduate School. I just recently detached from my JO tour on the USS West Virginia (SSBN 736) I have had the honor of being the Senior Board member for numerous enlisted submarine qualification boards.

I know that the submarine force has the highest quality men from the boss to the seamen. This past summer, we had Midshipmen ride our boat for patrol. We made an honorary submarine qualification card and gave them a nice certificate when they left. We did not give them the opportunity to qualify for dolphins.

My guideline for qualifying a man was that I wanted to be sure that when I'm rack stowed and that man is standing the midwatch Auxilaryman Forward watch and a fire breaks out or flooding occurs on his watchstation, he is going to save my butt. I can guarantee that no midshipmen will be given silver dolphins on my watch.

V/R LT Greg Greseth